Quiz "Questions about Fahrenheit 451"

Here we have some (6) questions about Fahrenheit 451. Some of them are pretty easy, and some of them need more knowledge.

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Whats Montag's job?
Quizvorschau Policeman
Quizvorschau Teacher
Quizvorschau Fireman
Quizvorschau Softwareengineer
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Who's Montags superior?
Quizvorschau Clarisse
Quizvorschau Beatty
Quizvorschau Mildred
Quizvorschau He is his own boss
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What does the term "Fireman" means in this case?
Quizvorschau He distinguishes fire
Quizvorschau He distinguishes water
Quizvorschau He burns fire
Quizvorschau He burns water
Quizvorschau He burns books
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Why does Montag hate his job?
Quizvorschau because of low salary
Quizvorschau because he has no gf
Quizvorschau because he has no time, so no life
Quizvorschau because he starts to think critically about his job
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What is "McClellan"?
Quizvorschau Its a name for a car (New model of F1 Mercedes)
Quizvorschau Its a book
Quizvorschau Its a surname
Quizvorschau The author
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Why do the people stick so much to books?
Quizvorschau Books are a symbol for piece
Quizvorschau Books have nice stories
Quizvorschau Books contain knowledge and offer different opinions
Quizvorschau Books are way too expensive