Quiz "How Fun are you?"

You think your really FUN aye? Well take this quiz to find out how fun you really are!

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How fun do you THINK you are?
Quizvorschau I think I'm pretty low
Quizvorschau Maybe a little more than I think I am
Quizvorschau In the middle
Quizvorschau I think I'm doing Great
Quizvorschau I'm Awesome with Fun!
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How many Activities do you do every day with your brothers or sisters?
Quizvorschau I don't have any siblings
Quizvorschau Usually none
Quizvorschau About 2 every day
Quizvorschau Usually 4
Quizvorschau I do activities all day
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do you like some things your siblings play or do you think It's just Annoying?
Quizvorschau It's so Annoying!
Quizvorschau I like some things they do
Quizvorschau I love the things they play!
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What do you like to do when you get Free Time?
Quizvorschau I like to chat with my Friends on my Phone
Quizvorschau I like to play games
Quizvorschau I like to play with my brothers and sisters
Quizvorschau I like to Nap with Peace and Quiet
Quizvorschau I like to eat snack the I go to get my Phone to meet my Friends somewhere
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where do you like to meat your Friends?
Quizvorschau At the Mall
Quizvorschau At a Coffee Shop
Quizvorschau At their house
Quizvorschau At your house
Quizvorschau On the sidewalk
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When your somewhere without your Siblings, do you miss them?
Quizvorschau yes
Quizvorschau I feel bad
Quizvorschau Nah
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What activities do you like to do with your sisters and brothers
Quizvorschau I like to play Board Games
Quizvorschau I like them to watch me play games on my Phone
Quizvorschau I like to do Crafts
Quizvorschau I like to bring them to a nice place
Quizvorschau Other