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Which statement is right?
Quizvorschau Advertising is a business that don't tries to sell things
Quizvorschau Advertising is a social media platform
Quizvorschau Advertising is a business that persuades people to buy their products
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The first American newspaper was created in...
Quizvorschau 1566
Quizvorschau 1890
Quizvorschau 1704
Quizvorschau 1706
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When has the "Golden age of advertising" started?
Quizvorschau in 1922
Quizvorschau in 1926
Quizvorschau in 1857
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What was the golden age of advertising?
Quizvorschau When advertising came to postcards
Quizvorschau When advertising came to radio and television
Quizvorschau When yahoo turned from a web diary to a commercial business
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Print advertising is advertisements published in...
Quizvorschau Movies
Quizvorschau Theaters
Quizvorschau Metros,busses
Quizvorschau Flyers, newspapers
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Product placement. What is right
Quizvorschau They mention that the brand is getting advertised
Quizvorschau There is no mention of advertising, although the audience sees the product.
Quizvorschau Is advertising on busses, metros or flight seats,...
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The technique of advertising, that tries people to join the group of people who already bought the product, is...
Quizvorschau Emotional appeal
Quizvorschau Bandwagon advertising
Quizvorschau Endorsements
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A impact of advertisement is...
Quizvorschau The sale of goods falls
Quizvorschau Less jobs
Quizvorschau Results are never guaranteed
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Quizvorschau pay attention towards television
Quizvorschau pay attention towards school and studying
Quizvorschau pay attention towards books